Things are different here.

Family Investment Center has a unique philosophy toward investing and wealth, which encompasses a total wealth “wellness” concept and reaches beyond just the numbers. It also means we aren’t working for commission, but rather we’re working for your best interests.

Family Investment Center: Why We’re Different

When it comes to money, why is Family Investment Center doing things differently? What types of people are successful with this unconventional, commission-free investment approach? Why do we say “Money is freedom, and freedom is fun?” View this introductory video to hear the story (and to see if your goals mean you’re a good fit to be part of the story).


What does commission-free (or fee-only) mean?
Advisors who operate on a fee-only philosophy are registered financial planners, but they won’t accept fees from sales – instead they are paid a flat fee or percentage of assets under management for their services. Many companies and individuals say that they prefer working with a fee-only investment advisor because they offer advice that is more comprehensive than what other advisors offer.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the key organization that oversees the fee-only financial advisors in the U.S. Advisors associated with this organization are truly fee-only advisors.

Once advisors register with NAPFA, they agree to never take any compensation beyond the fee. This allows them to make recommendations that are unfettered and free of conflicts of interest.

“Fee-based” advisors sometimes offer the choice of fees or commissions, but they can’t really do both for the same client in the same account.  People may be enticed by an offer that a commission may be cheaper for them, but that commissioned product may come without ongoing evaluation or any legal responsibility (fiduciary duty) for the advisor. Additionally, advisors can sometimes recruit a client with “fee-based” language, but then shift the client to what might be a much better deal for the advisor themselves (without the client realizing it).

In contrast, quality fee-only advisors are connected by a willingness to work on behalf of their clients. Their work is in line with their personal philosophies and the client always comes first. It’s actually a mindset whereby the fee-only advisor functions as if he/she were the client, but with the expertise inherent in a financial advisor with years of experience. We’re proud to be fee-only, and a part of the NAPFA directory. Read more here.

That’s not the only reason we’re not your typical investment management firm:
Our team’s experience and outstanding credentials mean that we can offer in-depth education as to why things are happening and what should happen next.

Our clients typically stay with Family Investment Center long-term and enjoy the ability to have personal service with calls or drop-in visits anytime.

Family Investment Center treats clients with generosity, creativity, and respect – and once you meet the team, this is evident.

Dan Danford has unique knowledge of the emotions and behaviors that motivate toward investing and money management – and this brings an extra value to customers at many life stages.

See how our experience and our passion for excellence really makes a difference. Call us today.

The Changing Roles of the Investor and the Investment Advisor
How “Conflicted Advice” is Changing the Conversation About Investment Success
(A Whitepaper)

Family Investment Center is a Registered Investment Advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 and are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. My colleagues and I have watched carefully as both the SEC and Department of Labor have wrestled with new rules and regulations. We stand as a beacon for the idea that a fiduciary standard does not eliminate quality investment advice for middle-class people in mid-America. Family Investment Center has always operated under a strict fiduciary standard, and both our clients and firm prosper. We recently crafted this whitepaper to highlight how proposed changes will benefit investors. The paper offers a brief analysis of the rules and some practical implications. This is a complex situation, and we hope you will read and share this information from genuine practitioners who are already making the fiduciary standard work.

Calling all listeners. We welcome you to enjoy our new podcast, Money Is Freedom.

Money is Freedom is a podcast for people who believe in simple, jargon-free guidance about money and investing. It's also a podcast for people who believe money can be fun and want to guide their thoughts about it in positive directions.

Our host, Dan Danford, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Family Investment Center, a full-service, commission-free investment advisory firm.

Dan began his investment career more than 30 years ago as a bank trust officer, where he decided there must be a better way to help people reach their goals. He started a successful independent trust company in 1987 and Family Investment Center in 1998. He has been helping people achieve their version of "the good life" in a refreshing commission-free atmosphere ever since. (In fact, client Assets Under Management exceeds $100 million).

Dan holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing from Missouri Western State University, an MBA® from Northwest Missouri State University, and an MS in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University. He is a CFP® and strongly influenced by his late father, Thad Danford, who made him rent the family's mower for Dan's early lawn mowing business.