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Family Investment Center: A Fee-Only Advisor Pioneer

Avoid Conflicts of Interest by Choosing a Fee-Only Advisor

b2ap3_thumbnail_Investment-Advisor-1.jpgNot all investment advisors are alike. In fact, some are quite different, but in a good way, and it’s these fee-only advisors with whom you want to associate.

A quality investment advisor thinks about how they can help their clients meet their goals, not about how they can make money for themselves. This can be a problem with those who charge a commission on the products they sell to their clients. A conflict of interest potentially arises when commission is charged: how can an advisor think about what’s in your best interest when they know they have something to gain if they sell you specific products?

This isn’t to say that all advisors who take a commission aren’t making money for their clients, but statistics show us that when investors get conflicted advice, they could see a 12 percent loss in potential growth in their IRAs over a 30-year period. This is key information laid out clearly in
a report from the White House earlier this year.

When looking for an investment advisor, consider working with one that is a fee-only advisor, not fee-based. The terminology sounds similar, and that’s by design from those who take commissions. A fee-based advisor wants you to believe they are only making money from the fees they charge you, but they could actually be charging fees
and commissions.

One of the “pioneers” founded as a fee-only investment advisor is Family Investment Center. It was a decision made by the president and CEO of the company long before fee-only advisors were the norm. The year was 1998, and Dan Danford knew he was taking a risk, but he would not waiver from the importance of being a commission-free business because this philosophy enables truly client-focused service.

Since Family Investment Center opened its doors, the country has gone through two recessions and a housing crisis. It has become even more apparent across the industry as a whole that accountability is paramount, and this is something Family Investment Center has always offered – total accountability and transparency.

What the professionals at Family Investment Center have provided day after day since the company’s founding is a place where clients can walk in and have clear communication about their investments. The team has the education and experience to listen and evaluate your options from a commission-free perspective. In fact, Dan Danford and his team are often called upon by
media sources for investment insight, including the Wall Street Journal and U.S. News & World Report.

Contact Family Investment Center today to find out how your story can become part of ours.

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