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We believe in – and live by – a philosophy of excellence.

Average is not good enough … Our goal at Family Investment Center is excellence. We find excellent investment products and supervise an excellent service package. We maintain a library of excellent research materials and financial planning resources. We also demand top safety and security for our clients.

We won’t settle for average. We continually seek top managers or securities and meld them into superior custom portfolios. Each palette of investments is carefully tailored to personal or family goals. We enlist excellent managers, research, resources, and effort for our clients. Don’t settle for average. You deserve excellence.

Please search our blog posts for answers to common investment questions, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you first-hand.

Family Investment Center Can Help You Find Serious Freedom in 2019

Partner With Family Investment Center to Begin Your Freedom Journey


If there is one thing our team at Family Investment Center is serious about, it’s helping people find financial freedom. At Family Investment Center, we help people make sense of their money so they can plan for “Serious Freedom.” This mission unites all our efforts under one common goal, and as it was when we opened our doors, it’s a mission that allows us to truly focus on each individual’s vision and goals.

This year, ask yourself “What does your vision of Serious Freedom look like?” Is it a shiny new motorcycle? Spending quality time with family and friends in retirement? Devoting all your energy to your hobbies? Everyone has different goals, and financial situations differ per person, which is why it’s important to partner with an investment advisor that can build a customized plan around your goals and your financial situation.

At Family Investment Center, we treat our clients like friends, not sales marks. As your friendly financial experts, we approach our clients with respect and are devoted to making sure you know exactly what we have planned for you.

Our “Total Financial Wellness Approach” services include financial planning, investment management and retirement planning. Our approach ensures that your money makes sense for you. We remain goal-driven, research-based and commission-free.

When you pick us as your fiduciary, you’ll quickly realize that our services are not about selling products or getting commissions; we are focused on getting you to your serious freedom goals. And that’s what a fiduciary should do – meaning, look out for the best interests of the client first.

Family Investment Center seeks to add real value to every interaction and we build strong relationships. We highlight and share our expertise like a true friend would. We share our own ideas of Serious Freedom while providing tips to better reach your individual goals. Whenever possible, we highlight investment red flags, including the “detours” or “roadblocks” that could sidetrack your path to freedom.

Learn more about what we have to offer by meeting our team. You’ll find we’re a group of professionals who have invested in our education and experience so we can bring more insights to the table. Unlike stockbrokers and commission-compensated advisors, we’re independent and commission free. This year, doesn’t serious freedom sound good in so many ways? Schedule a meeting with us and let’s talk together about what that looks like and how you’ll get there.

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What Makes Family Investment Center Different?

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