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Involved in a Charity? Professional Advisors Can Assist in Investing for Non-Profits


If you’re volunteering on the board of a non-profit, you’re not only a civic-minded member of the community – you’ve got experience in knowing that non-profits need to keep their money invested in the right place(s). You and other members are in charge of the financial decisions. Sometimes, the decisions in investing for non-profits can be tough, which is why working with a professional advisor can boost your confidence and your success.

The New York Times recently outlined the issues board members of one non-profit organization in Alabama faced as they jumped out of equities and into a fund for “operating expenses in advance of a future correction.” One board member asked why they would do such a thing before deciding for himself that it actually would be a good idea. He changed his mind after an adviser told them the money would be put into bonds that would be short-maturity and low risk.

Regardless of what the members of this board in Alabama finally decided to go with, the issue is brought up because it outlines something every non-profit board may face at one time or another – making decisions on investing for non-profit organizations that could negatively affect them in the long term, despite their good intentions.

While board members are often individuals who have years and years of business experience, they likely are not investment advisors and can’t know everything there is to know about making long-term strategies on their investments.
Investment advisors are constantly reading up and staying informed on the latest investment news.  Keeping their pulse on the industry, they can help you make informed decisions.

Professional investment advisors are keen to weigh the risk and go after products that are more secure for non-profit organizations. Board members can place their confidence in a professional investment advisor who can offer experience-based options and recommendations before final votes are placed.

It might be difficult for a board member of a non-profit to keep their emotions in check, perhaps because they have a strong belief in the mission of the organization and have funneled a large amount of their own money into the endowment. It’s easy for important decisions to be made under emotional circumstances. For this very reason, it’s important to have a cool head at the ready – a person who makes experience- and education-based financial decisions as a professional career, and can help guide decisions without having emotions enter into the equation.

Family Investment Center, our name suggests that we are focused on family investment issues, but we’re actually extremely active in our own community. We serve on boards, some of which have large annual budgets and work with non-profits on a regular basis. We know how important it is to be good stewards of the public’s money and we’re making decisions daily that affect the long-term stability of our clients’ financial futures. If you’re part of a board that needs direction, contact us today.

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