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We believe in – and live by – a philosophy of excellence.

Average is not good enough … Our goal at Family Investment Center is excellence. We find excellent investment products and supervise an excellent service package. We maintain a library of excellent research materials and financial planning resources. We also demand top safety and security for our clients.

We won’t settle for average. We continually seek top managers or securities and meld them into superior custom portfolios. Each palette of investments is carefully tailored to personal or family goals. We enlist excellent managers, research, resources, and effort for our clients. Don’t settle for average. You deserve excellence.

Please search our blog posts for answers to common investment questions, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you first-hand.

The Changing Roles of the Investor and the Investment Advisor

Have you read our whitepaper “The Changing Roles of the Investor and the Investment Advisor How ‘Conflicted Advice’ is Changing the Conversation About Investment Success”?

Recent media headlines have generated discussion about the U.S. Department of Labor’s pending rule about fiduciary responsibility. The topic is being shared both nationally and globally, from The White House to major news sources – and it could completely change the face of investing. As an investor, what should you look for in light of recent information about conflicted advice? And as an advisor, how is success in investing conveyed and measured? This whitepaper looks at these important points in light of pending changes to fiduciary rules and responsibilities.




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