For Non-Profits

You do what you do best in terms of guiding and leading the causes you believe in.
We’ll do what we do best when it comes to tools for your organization’s investment success.

We're confident in our expertise and unique insights that provide the non-profit organizations we serve the strength, peace of mind, and growth opportunities they need for their future.

But it's not really about us - it's about the families, children, animals, or environmental causes you're passionate about. With our help, organizations have learned that on an $8 million portfolio, for example, a one percent swing in fees or performance is $80,000. That's an extra $80,000 annually that would be used to help serve an organization's mission.

The foundational tools, techniques, and strategies we use for investing were devised directly from large national endowment and pension portfolios. We combine elite worldwide managers and performance with reduced overall expenses, and we do it in an institutional environment where accounts are insured at $100 million per account. Our regulator is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and all filings, disclosures, and regulatory history are easily available through the SEC website.

There are no hidden fees or corporate alliances for non-profits who work with our team. Each client pays us directly for the services we provide and our growing client roster demonstrates our skill and value.

Contact us today to see how our unique business structure can help your non-profit organization achieve things you've only imagined.

Our team is experienced and ready to serve, based on your needs. Contact us today.

You do what you love, and we'll do what we love – which means helping you achieve your goals for your non-profit organization.

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