Life Events

Let's face it - life happens. Children transition to college or back home. Parents transition to retirement living or return to adult children for extra care. Estate needs change and family needs change. Households of five find themselves empty-nesters and there are new opportunities and new challenges at every phase.

At Family Investment Center, we're on your side and strive to provide peace of mind toward your investments as life events happen. How?

Our commission-free platform values expertise and experience above sales ability. Our experience and credentials are both professional and academic, unlike a formal bank setting. Yet we're registered, approved and secured like any other major financial institution. This means we can sit down with you and really talk about what you need, as a friend.

We’re totally committed to you. Dan Danford, Principal/Chief Executive Officer, Family Investment Center, has nationally-recognized experience and his team works full-time for the client toward their investments. Dan and his team work full-time for clients toward their investments because asset management is all we do. We can help educate you along the way in ways other organizations can't.

We understand that money and emotions are closely connected. The Family Investment Center team realizes that decisions you make about your money impact your thoughts, emotions, feelings and your family life. We have extensive academic experience in the emotions of money to share, along with our professional credentials. In fact, our founder, Dan Danford, is often called upon by major media sources such as the Wall Street Journal for his knowledge on emotions and financial planning.

No doubt, life will change, but the trust you can place in our team will stay the same, year after year.

See how our experience and our passion for excellence really makes a difference. Call us today.


At Family Investment Center, we consider you a true member of our family.