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Introducing Dan Danford’s new book, “Stuck in the Middle: The Mistakes That Jeopardize Your Financial Success and How to Fix Them.” What if Americans’ middle class background – and their middle class beliefs – are holding them back from the success they want? Are middle class families unprepared - perhaps even bored - with the process of investing and not up to date on financial investment innovations? Can the middle class think, and then act, like the ultrawealthy for greater success? These questions and their surprising answers are popular national media topics. They’re also the platform for Danford’s new book, “Stuck in the Middle: The Mistakes that Jeopardize Your Financial Success and How to Fix Them.” With more than 30 years of combined experience in  banking and investments, Danford has seen many investors with long-held and incorrect beliefs. While many economists and politicians lament America’s shrinking middle class, Danford suggests a powerful reason why: “Many of the money practices held dear by middle class citizens are woefully outdated,” Danford explains. “Taught with the best intentions, they were practical for a simpler era.” We hope that readers find Danford’s insights on how to handle tax refunds and windfalls, diversifying investments, self-managing portfolios, common investment mistakes, annuities, and other topics helpful and enlightening. The book is available on Amazon and other fine booksellers.



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Who is talking about Family Investment Center? Many people across the nation… like the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

Our expertise is often called upon across the investment industry, and we've participated in articles ranging from financial trends to emotions toward money and investment strategies. View quotes from Media Mentions here.

Media articles quoting Dan Danford (or written by his team) include:

October 2018:  Chris Danford and Taren McMurray Pass Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination.
With increasing attention on the uniquely complex financial decisions placed in front of many individuals, Family Investment Center announces that Chris Danford and Taren McMurray, both members of the Family Investment Center team, recently passed the Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination.
Read more here: 
Taren McMurray Passes Series 65 Exam

Chris Danford Passes Series 65 Exam

September 2018:  Barron’s:  Many CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals Oppose State Regulations:
Find Out What Family Investment Center Said in Barron’s
In a global news link, Richard C. Salmen, President of Family Investment Center, shared his insights in a Barron’s article titled “CFP Board Opposes State Regulation.” The article, shared on Sept. 24, addresses the issue of state regulation for financial planning. In the article, Salmen shared his thoughts about what the regulation could mean to financial planning as an industry. “I’ve got clients in 20-some states, and most financial planners do. A patchwork of legislation around the country that’s not the same — we just don’t see that as the right way to regulate this new profession of financial planning,” says Salmen. Read the full article here.

September 2018:  Investment News:  Richard C. Salmen, President, Family Investment Center, was recently featured in a full-page article in Investment News, discussing the subject of state regulation of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™.

“It’s in the interest of the public that we focus our time, talents and treasure in other ways that advance the financial planning profession so that more Americans have access to ethical and competent financial planners,” says Salmen. Read more here.

September 2018:  “You Don’t Need More Time. You Need More Energy,” a Money is Freedom podcast.
Recently, Dan Danford, Founder/CEO, and Richard C. Salmen, President, discussed the topic  of needing more time versus needing more energy, and the practice of positive energy rituals, in a recent “Money is Freedom” podcast. It’s a concept from the book called “The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal” by Jim Loehr. Find out more about positive energy rituals today and how they’ve changed the way the Family Investment Center team helps guide clients to success. Listen here.

August 2018:  CNBC Shares Dan Danford’s Insights Into the Seven Most Common Retirement Questions
If you read CNBC news online, you may have noticed a familiar name in August. In a recent article on, Dan Danford addressed a few of the questions that he hears from investors on a regular basis. Called “7 of the Most Common Retirement Questions Answered,” Dan helps investors navigate the tricky decisions of retirement planning in the article.
View the article today.

St. Joseph News Press, June 27, 2018, “Planner Offers Financial Guidance.” Richard Salmen, president of Family Investment Center, and the 2018 chairman of the Certified Financial Planners Board, talks about overseeing a newly revised code of ethics, rules of conduct and financial planning practice standards that take effect in late 2019. Salmen provides professional financial planning services with his team at the Family Investment Center office in Lenexa, KS. Read more here:

Nasdaq, June 13, 2018, “Foundations For Building a Solid Retirement.” Dan Danford, CEO of Family Investment Center, details important details about being prepared for retirement. He covers retirement plan distributions, how to approach risk in investments, estate planning and the importance of being flexible in planning. “With today’s long retirement time horizon,” Danford said, “it’s a genuine mistake to restrict flexibility. Products that impose sizable surrender charges or lock in serial payments are problematic. Circumstances change and you’ll want to change with them.” Read more here:

Journal of Financial Planning, June 2018, “Raising the Bar: Elevating the Fiduciary Standard for CFP Professions.” Richard Salmen, president at Family Investment Center and chairman of the Certified Financial Planners Board (CFP), penned a lengthy column about how new fiduciary standards were established and their intended outcomes. Salmen said the CFP board spent more than two years developing, deliberating and reviewing proposed revision to the standard in order to “strike the right balance between serving the public interest and ensuring the rules can be practically applied and enforced.” Read more here:

Kansas City Star, Feb. 13, 2018: “Closing of a Business Shows the Importance of Planning

Harley Davidson’s Kansas City plant will close next year, which puts the families of its 800 employees in a life-changing situation. All employees are different in age, income, family members and financial needs. Young workers with growing families will face challenges unique from older employees who might have health concerns and limited job placement prospects. Professional advisors can assist people like these and others as they make important financial decisions.
Read more here:

Investopedia, Jan. 23, 2018: “Why You Should Become More Risk Tolerant,” by Dan Danford.
Investors need to understand the importance of risk tolerance so that they can withstand portfolio fluctuations. Danford says that as more people learn about investing, risk tolerance rises. Their risk tolerance also rises as their investing experience increases. Ignoring the drama provided by many news outlets is important.
Read more here: 

Financial Planning, January 10, 2018, “High-Flying Army Vet Becomes CFP® Board Chairman.” The nation’s largest financial planning nonprofit welcomes a new leader -- Richard C. Salmen, CFP®, CFA®, EA, who has 25 years of planning experience. He is currently in a four-year term on the Board of Directors for the Certified Financial Planner® Board of Standards, Inc.,, and is now the board’s new chairman. Beginning January 1, Salmen began leading Family Investment Center’s family planning services in Lenexa, Kans. Read more:

Yahoo! Finance, January 42018, “How Bonds are Vital to a Successful Portfolio.” Dan Danford’s article, which was originally written for Investopedia, was picked up by Yahoo Finance! and appeared on the home page on Jan. 4, 2018. In the article, he addresses thought- provoking points about bonds and covers a variety of bonds and how they’re useful in a portfolio.

MSN, January 4, 2018. Dan Danford’s article“How Bonds are Vital to a Successful Portfolio” was also shared on MSN.

Investopedia, January 4, 2018, “How Bonds are Vital to a Successful Portfolio” In this article Danford addresses key points on the value of bonds. No matter how a bond price changes, the owner gets a semi-annual, pre-determined interest payment. When that bond matures, the investor gets a full payment for the principal amount of the bond. Stocks don’t offer such dividends and there are no guarantees, which is why it’s important to have bonds as part of the portfolio. Read more:

Kansas City Business Journal, January 3, 2018, “Salmen Gets Back Into Financial Planning Business in KC.” Richard C. Salmen, CFP®, CFA®, EA, 2018 Chair of CFP® Board’s Board of Directors., will lead the financial planning office of Family Investment Center in Lenexa. He brings a structured and systematic financial planning component to the table. Salmen is called by the Kansas City Business Journal “one of the most influential financial planners in the nation.” Read more:

Investopedia, December 18, 2017, “Forbes 400 List: Lessons from the 1%” Danford highlights common traits of people who make the Forbes 400 list, which is made up of the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent. Danford points out that none of the people on the list work for someone else – they are either from money or they have established highly successful businesses. “We don’t need to make the annual list to be successful or good. Instead, the take away is that we can also use our ideas, talents, work ethic and ambition to reach our goals.” Read more:

The Kansas City Star, June 28, 2017: “America is full of people who need help making financial decisions,” by Dan Danford. Check out Dan’s article here in the Kansas City Star. Can you relate to this tale of one man and his nest egg? “Whatever the reason for his paralysis, he did exactly what he had always done when the stock price shuddered: nothing. America is full of people just like these: hardworking, honest folks lacking the information and tools needed to make solid financial decisions.”
Read more here:

Investopedia, May 18, 2017: “Determining a Financial Advisor's Value to You” by Dan Danford. What’s the biggest challenge facing investors today? Interest rates? Politics? High valuations in the stock market? None of these presents a bigger challenge than this: Who is the best advisor to help accomplish your financial goals? There are brokerages, insurance companies, banks, mutual funds managers, accountants and independent advisory firms. All of them employ charming people who would love to help. For an individual, the fee structures they encounter can seem almost random, dictated by who they ask to help and the provider channel. Read more here: 

Investopedia, May 17, 2017: “For a Little Extra Green, Hire a Financial Advisor” by Dan Danford. The rich get richer. The poor get poorer. And the green get greener. Although there are many ways to care for your lawn, the two primary ways offer a helpful illustration. If you want a lawn to look nice and enhance the value of your home, you can do it yourself or you can hire a lawn service. Either approach can create stunning results, but that’s where the similarities end. Find out in this article how the D-I-Y approach may not work as well for investing as it does for lawn care. Read more:

Humble Dollar, May 11, 2017: “Value for Money? by Dan Danford. What’s the biggest challenge facing investors? Forget politics, low interest rates or high stock market valuations. Read more today. You might be surprised at what you learn.  Read Dan’s guest blog post at Humble Dollar.

PR Web, May 1, 2017 “Family Investment Center Advisor Earns CERIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Designation.” Clients working with Family Investment Center will receive a commission-free fiduciary investment advisory service from a team that has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Kansas City Star, and others. In 2017, Laura Holthaus, Investment Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer, received her Certified Financial Planner™ designation. This requires an individual to meet the experience, education, testing, and background requirements set by the CFP® Board. Read more here:

Kansas City Star, Feb. 8, 2017:  “Blow it, mow it and grow it: Tax refunds and other windfalls,” by Dan Danford. In this three-fold strategy in the Kansas City Star, Dan Danford offers insight into how to handle “surprise” money – such as inheritance, award, bonus or even a tax refund. Danford says “Money should satisfy your basic human instincts as well as accomplish some good,” and offers some thoughts about unexpected money that can encourage investors to both have a little fun and build their confidence toward the future. Hint:  Taking those guitar lessons or hiring that life coach could actually lead to more financial success in the long run. Read more here

PR Web, Feb. 8, 2017 - Dan Danford says “Middle Class Beliefs May Keep Investors Stuck in the Middle; New Book Says ‘The Shrinking Middle Class Comes From Outdated Money Ideas’” . Many of the money practices held dear by middle class citizens are woefully outdated. Taught with the best intentions, they were practical for a simpler era, says Dan Danford in his new book “Stuck in the Middle: The Mistakes that Jeopardize Your Financial Success and How to Fix Them.” Read full press release here.

PR Web, Jan. 11, 2017 - Dan Danford Responds to Wall Street Journal Article on How the Middle Class Can Think Like the “Ultrawealthy”:  CEO of Family Investment Center Says Middle Class May Have Distorted Ideas Holding Them Back. Can the middle class think (and act) like the ultrawealthy for more success? Veronica Dagher’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Personal Finance Lessons from the Ultrawealthy” included advice from members of an investment group about how they maintain their fortunes. The article generated a great deal of online discussion, including insight from Family Investment Center CEO Dan Danford, who believes some of the advice given in that article can be applied to middle class investors – and that middle class investors make mistakes in their thinking without even realizing it. Read full press release here.

St. Joe Channel, Jan. 4, 2017 - Tips for Financially Fit 2017:  WalletHub identifies 10 resolutions to become more financially fit:
In this interview, Dan Danford comments with his insight into financial resolutions for 2017, including how typical resolutions like being healthy impact financial health as well. Read about Dan’s thoughts toward WalletHub’s list of 2017 financial resolutions. Read more here

Dec. 13, 2016 – St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce:  Dan Danford to Share at Regional Lunch and Learn Session:
CEO of Family Investment Center and Published Author Says Starting the Book “You’ve Always Wanted to Write” Means Using Your Experience to Boost Your Business.
An upcoming lunch and learn workshop featuring local author and investment advisor Dan Danford will help dispel some of the myths about writing a book and offer tools to success in publishing. Danford, founder/CEO of Family Investment Center, has decades of experience as a commission-free investment advisor. He’s taken the information he’s gathered and written a recent book about many of the situations investors face. From retirement planning, unexpected windfalls and dealing with advice from friends and family, Danford has seen common themes in core beliefs as he’s worked with hundreds of individuals. “Stuck in the Middle” is Danford’s recent book that highlights the mistakes that jeopardize the financial success of investors, and how they can fix them. Read more about the event here.

PR Web – November 28, 2016 – Dan Danford, CEO of Family Investment Center, Responds to Recent Forbes Article Regarding Why the Middle Class “Should be Scared” and May be “Bored” with Investing. Is the middle class in serious trouble? Stephen Schwarzman, a titan of Wall Street and CEO of Blackstone, was quoted recently in Forbes about the distressing income inequality that many middle class Americans are feeling today. He noted, citing a Fed study, that roughly half of Americans say they can’t come up with $400 for an emergency. Schwarzman stated that Americans “should be scared, they should feel insecure, and they should be unhappy with their government” over this. Dan Danford shares his insight into the article here.

St. Joseph News Press, April 15, 2016: Laws Changing on Brokerage Retirement Purchases; Commissions to be eliminated, flat fees instead - When it comes to Wall Street, very few of us are experts. That's why we rely on advice when it comes to our retirement accounts. But, a new law taking effect at the beginning of next year will protect us more from the ones we trust the most with our savings. View full story here

PR Web, April 8, 2016:  Department of Labor Amended Fiduciary Rule May Completely Disrupt the Investment Industry; Family Investment Center Says Rule Could Save Investors Millions of Dollars - After a shocking White House report last year and months of analysis, one of the most aggressive regulatory initiatives to hit the investment industry in the past four decades was announced by the Department of Labor on April 6, 2016. Dan Danford, Founder/CEO of Family Investment Center, supports this change and has long advocated that the industry should put client interests first.
Click here to view full press release on PR Web

Jan 1, 2016:  Laura Holthaus, Investment Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer, Named a 2016 Kansas City “Five Star” Wealth Manager
Family Investment Center announces that Laura Holthaus, Investment Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer, has been named a 2016 Five Star Professional. Five Star Professional a company that conducts market-specific research throughout the U.S. and Canada, teamed with KC Magazine and KC Business to find the wealth managers in the region that fit several top objectives. Holthaus is featured in the January 2016 print and online editions of KC magazine.

Candidates for the distinguished award must have a one-year to five-year client retention rate and required educational and professional designations. They must be a registered investment advisor and credentialed as an investment advisor representative, in addition to other credentials. Holthaus joined Family Investment Center in 2008. She is a graduate of Missouri Western State University, Bachelor of Science, Economics, 2007; Missouri Western State University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, 2007; NASD Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination, 2010; the University of Missouri, Graduate Certificate in Personal Financial Planning, 2012; and the University of Missouri, Applied Master of Science, Personal Financial Planning, 2014.
View the online profile link here. 


Kansas City Star, Nov. 25, 2015
In the article titled “Your Financial Planner: Family Finance isn’t About Money,” Dan Danford opens up about his passion for the industry he’s been involved in since graduating college. “Since beginning my career as a professional investment advisor in 1984,” he said, “I’ve enjoyed thousands of conversations about money. I’ve listened carefully as clients and friends discussed new homes, autos, vacations, business and schools. These goals are mainly about enriching the lives of the people they care about, not the money.” He mentions a New York personal finance master named Nick Murray, who said most people have the same five goals -- but that none of these are strictly money goals. Read the full article here., Oct. 6, 2015
In this article titled “Beefing Up Your Finances to Buy a House: The Millennial Edition!” investment advisor Laura Holthaus shares insights about millennials and home-buying, including building up savings while simultaneously paying off student debt.  
Read more here.

Forbes, June 28, 2015
In a Forbes article titled How to Invest Your Money in the Second Half of 2015, Dan Danford shares – in a rather unconventional way – his thoughts on money market funds. “You won’t make anything. But you won’t lose any if the Dow Jones Industrial Average index tumbles later this year. You’ll have some opportunity cost if the Dow rises. But a missed opportunity is way better than a certain loss,” Danford says. Read the full article here to find out why Danford says he’s “not even going to try” to make a prediction about exceptional ETFs and mutual funds.

Forbes, May 24, 2015
In a Forbes article titled Personal Finance Books Financial Experts Say Will Change Your Life, Dan Danfordtalks about how the release of Tony Robbins’ new book MONEY Master the Game: 7 Steps to Financial Freedom  is pivotal for firms that are fee-only and investor-focused because it highlights in a very public way the philosophies Family Investment Center has used for years. Dan says in the article that an informed public will demand some revolutionary changes in investing – and that the investment industry has historically been in favor of the seller, not the average investor. This is something investors need to know so they can work around the obstacles. Read the Forbes article here

PR Newswire, May 21, 2015
Successful financial planning means establishing goals, using the right tools and updating the plan to ensure it continues to meet your needs. In this article on PR Newswire, Dan Danford talks about how "Financial planning is crucial for everyone. Defining goals for each stage of your life, whether it's college or retirement, and outlining how you will reach those goals helps ensure success.” Read more here.

The Kansas City Star, May 13, 2015
In a featured blog in “The Kansas City Star” titled Your Financial Planner: Don’t pay off your mortgage if you plan to enjoy retirement, Dan Danford writes about how deliberate debt and opportunity cost can mean success for investors as an alternative to making double payments on a mortgage, for example, or trying to pay off a mortgage early. Instead, going against conventional wisdom and investing this money could mean more opportunities later. Read the Kansas City Star guest blog here., February 2015
Read this expert Interview from with Dan Danford on Investment Basics, including information about how Dan’s team looks for good investment opportunities for their clients; what things the team avoids; and answers to your questions, such as how often you should consider checking on your investments. See more here.

The Wall Street Journal, Nov. 14, 2014
In this article “Voices: Dan Danford, on Helping Clients Overcome Math Anxiety,” Dan Danford is interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about his insights into how math anxiety holds investors back. Danford explains that math anxiety is real, has many causes and can be overcome with the right strategies when advisors are working with their investors.  Read the Wall Street Journal article here., July 1, 2014
In a guest blog titled For Richer or Poorer: Financial Tips for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds, Investment Advisor and Chief Compliance Officer Laura Price covers the always relevant topic of finances for engaged couples and newlyweds. Read the blog.

US News & World Report, August 28, 2013
In this article, Dan Danford explains the importance of flexibility in creating a portfolio that will help you stretch your retirement savings over decades. View the article., December 23, 2013
Dan Danford shares "Five Must-Dos for 20-Somethings." Click here to read the full article., December 23, 2013
Dan Danford is interviewed alongside other advisors to share views on optimism about the markets. Read the article.

Regular Joe, February, 2013
Dan Danford has been announced as an advisor for the NFL Players Association. Read the article.

Medical Economics, May 10, 2012
In this article, Dan Danford explains that effective tax planning requires forethought and offers tax-saving strategies. Read the article.

Medical Economics, February 25, 2012
Dan Danford's article, "Don't let your emotions affect your finances," reports that financial success is linked more to behavior than to income, and that money anxiety can be treated. Read the article.

St. Joseph News-Press, January 2012
Kevin Krauskopf interviews Dan Danford and family financial education specialist Rebecca Travnichek about what couples can do together to avoid financial fallouts. Read the article.

SmartMoney, January 11, 2012
Anna Prior interviews Dan Danford and other financial planners about proper portfolio mixes for investors in different life stages in "Perfect Portfolios: Your Next Move in This Market." View the article.

The Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2011
In Veronica Dagher's article, "So, How Does Money Make You Feel?", Dan Danford comments on some of the reasons that people make bad financial decisions. Dagher speaks with financial therapists and advisors about the psychology of money. Read the full article.

St. Joseph News-Press, Josephine Magazine, December 2011
Laura Price, Investment Advisor at Family Investment Center, offers tips for budgeting for the holidays. Read the article.

RIA Central, November 21, 2011
Danford comments on the Business and Wealth Management Forum in Chicago in October 2011, offering his insight on the presentation of mutual fund icon Don Phillips of Morningstar. View the article.

Financial Advisor Magazine, November 2011
Dr. Jason White, former Principal and Director of Investments at Family Investment Center and Associate Professor of Economics at Northwest Missouri State University, offers his opinion on GNMA funds. Read the full article., November 2011
Bankrate recently conducted a poll, which asked Dan Danford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Family Investment Center, to comment about the "overall financial situation." View the article.

St. Joseph News-Press, September 13, 2011
Dan Danford, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Family Investment Center, writes a guest column about the extraordinary talent that is often unrealized, much of it found right here in St. Joseph. Read the column.

Northwest Alumni Magazine, Fall 2011
Dr. Jason White, former Principal and Director of Investments at Family Investment Center and Associate Professor of Economics at Northwest Missouri State University, was recently published in the university's alumni magazine. In the article, Jason reflects on his experiences as founder and faculty adviser for the school's Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team and the importance of a free enterprise capitalist society. Read the article.

Medical Economics, December 17, 2010
In this article Aging Population Changes Retirement Planning, Dan Danford answers this financial question from a viewer. "Why would you include a question about parents on a form designed to collect information to begin retirement planning? Aren't most parents gone by the time someone retires?" Read the article.

Medical Economics, November 5, 2010
In his article Roth IRA Conversions, Opportunity or Trap, Dan Danford discusses how changing a traditional IRA to a Roth is easier than ever, but it may not be right for everyone. Read the article.

RIABiz, May 25, 2010
Featured in Mike Byrnes' column covering seven things advisors need to know about social media, Dan Danford shares his thoughts on how social media helps establish brand credibility and how it connects advisors to traditional media. Read the article., January 13, 2010
Dan Danford was featured in Sheyna Steiner's article, Americans Not Confident about Getting Rich. In a recent survey, 70 percent said it's harder to get rich in America today than it used to be. As Danford explains, the survey responses might have less to do with our ability to gain wealth and more to do with what we've experienced in the recent past. Read more.

Yahoo! Finance, December 15, 2009
In Bankrate's Sheyna Steiner's "Taking Financial Risks Without Regrets, she explores how buying a home, starting a business, and investing can result in big pay-offs, but explains their risks as well. When it comes to investing, it's easy to get caught up in the ups and downs of the market. Danford gives input on how investors should keep inflation in mind rather focusing solely on market fluctuations. Read the article.

Modern Medicine, December 18, 2009
In his article Quality Investment Help can be a Bargain, Dan Danford discusses how performance is one of many factors to consider when contemplating an investment strategy, how expertise is important especially during times of market turmoil, and how risk is a critical factor in an investment strategy and cannot be overlooked. Read the article.

Bank Investment Consultant, September 2009
In her article Marketing on a Shoestring, industry marketing guru Marie Swift talks about techniques advisors can use to stay connected to current and prospective clients. In discussing ways to use low cost multimedia technology, she cites Dan Danford who uses Twitter, video presentations, a blog and special features on his website. Read the article.

Business Week, July 13, 2009
Dr. Jason White, former Principal and Director of Investments at Family Investment Center and Associate Professor of Economics at Northwest Missouri State University, was featured in What's Your Plan, in this issue devoted to retirement. He was responding to the question: Have your expectations of retirement changed, and are you rejiggering your retirement plan in the wake of the market downturn? Read his reply.

Research Magazine, July 1, 2009
Dan Danford was quoted in Jane Wollman Rusoff's article Optimizing Time Off, an article which discusses the importance of financial advisors wisely utilizing time away from their practice to continue increasing their knowledge and expertise. The article also delves into the importance of the use of social media to stay relevant to clients and prospects.  Dan is quoted as saying, “When you’re helping people with their investments, being out there exploring new things enhances your image as an advisor...the more I do – having a website, posting blogs, being on Twitter and Facebook – the more that comes back to [heighten] my credibility”.  Read more.

Medical Economics, June 15, 2009
In his article Slumping Home Prices Aren't Always Bad News, Dan Danford talks about the opportunities that exist in today's depressed real estate market. Read the article., June 3, 2009
Blogger Geoff Williams quoted Dan Danford in his entry A Parent's Eternal Question: How To Pay For My Child's Education? Read what Dan has to say about college payment plans and the best way to pay for college.

US News and World Report, June 2, 2009.
Dan Danford was quoted in Matthew Bandyk's article How the Credit Card Bill Will Affect Young Spenders. On the provision that says no one under age 21 can get a credit card unless a parent, guardian or spouse cosigns (or the underage person has proof of sufficient income to cover the obligations), Dan commented that he's "not sure that it solves the problem, but at least it puts an adult in the loop." Read more.

Investors Alley, June 1, 2009
Dan Danford's article Bond Market Today Presents A Real Challenge To Conservative Investors, appeared on this site for investors. Read what Dan has to say about bonds.

ABC News, May 22, 2009
In Lost College Savings? So Did First Kids, journalists Alice Gomstyn and Emily Friedman discuss 529 plans. Dan Danford, quoted in the article, reminds investors that contributing to a 529 may help your child's chances for financial aid when it comes time to apply to colleges. "The government will always take money from your child's accounts before the parents'," said Danford, "which makes it more economical to start a 529 -- which is always in the parents' name or the grandparents' name -- than to set up a regular savings account for your child." Read more.

Wall Street Journal, April 12, 2009
In Present Tense: What Does a Financial Adviser Give to the Client Who Has Everything?, journalist Charles Passey quotes Dan Danford. The article looks at what advisers do to show their appreciation for their clients. Dan continues his long-standing tradition of sending a $2 bill for clients' birthdays, enclosed in a birthday card. Read the article.

Financial Planning, November 2008
In his article Shaken and Stirred, veteran journalist David Drucker examines the recent market turmoil. He interviewed Dan Danford for the article, who commented, "As best I can tell, it's a panic mentality in the press and media. Every channel, newspaper, magazine and website are dominated by tales of doom and gloom." Read the article.

Kansas City Star, November 2008
In his Guest Column The Bailout is Actually a Bargain for Tax-payers, Dan Danford offers his perspective on the recent bailout. Read the article.

Medical Economics, November 2008
Dan Danford has been named to the Medical Economics magazine list of 150 Top Financial Advisors. Medical Economics accepts nominations from doctors, medical organizations, and other professionals, then spends six months screening the candidates on a variety of criteria including education, expertise, experience, compensation, recommendations, and service to the medical community. Read More.

New York Times, October 9, 2008
Dan Danford was quoted in Ron Lieber's article Switching to Cash May Feel Safe, But Risks Remain, a look at people's behavior when it comes to cashing out versus remaining (or reentering the market). Dan's perspective is that, "the emotional forces that drove [people] out of the market aren't likely to let them back in 'until things are better.' And for most people, things won't feel better again until the market has already moved back up." He added that plenty of people may not allow themselves to get back in until the market has already risen significantly. Read more.

Northwest Alumni magazine, September 2008
Dan Danford's article, What Can I Do To Quickly and Easily Improve My Family's Financial Situation, appeared in this magazine for alumni of Northwest Missouri State University. Read Dan's suggestions., September 2008
Dan Danford was quoted in Suzanna de Baca's article, Investing for Growth or Value, on this site for investors. His comments address the fact that growth-oriented investments tend to focus on share price momentum. "…the stock price goes up as investors decide to buy," he says, adding that the consumer may be buying an idea, a new trend, or some favored company, but the share price is usually derived from some speculation about the future. Read more.

Chicago Tribune, May 25, 2008
Dan Danford was quoted by journalist Humberto Cruz in his article Flexibility Needed for Long-Term Plan. Dan acknowledged the importance of planning, adding, "Because of the vagueness of the future, you have to go back and review" an investment plan from time to time. Read more.
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U.S. News & World Report, "How Much Money Will You Need if You Live to 123?", August 2013

"Whether the time frame in which you're retired is 30 or 60 years, things will change," says Dan Danford, CEO of the Family Investment Center, a commission-free investment firm in St. Joseph, Mo.


"Retirees need to maintain enough flexibility to adjust when they do. Inflation-adjusted bonds are one good example. They didn't even exist when my father retired in the mid-1980s. Exchange-traded funds are another example.What other helpful new products will come along before 2043? Without flexibility, how can you include new products when they do come along?"