Retirement Plans

You deserve excellence - not mediocrity - when it comes to your retirement plans. Our team is distinct from other firms because we don’t sell stocks, bonds, annuities, or mutual funds.

We find excellent investment products and supervise an excellent service package. We maintain a library of excellent research materials and financial planning resources. We also demand top safety and security for our clients.

We continually seek top managers or securities and meld them into custom portfolios. Each palette of investments is carefully tailored to personal or family goals. We enlist top managers, research, resources, and effort for our clients. Don't settle for average. You deserve excellence.

We help you:

  • Identify a reasonable and practical recipe for investing toward retirement.
  • Locate excellent managers or investments for each portfolio segment.
  • Hire those managers and investments in your various accounts.
  • Monitor and evaluate those managers and investments on an ongoing basis.
  • Fire managers and/or find replacements, whenever we decide it’s necessary.
  • Prepare understandable reports to augment the brokerage statements provided by Schwab.
  • We also answer your questions and provide needed financial or investment information whenever you ask.

Our combination of industry expertise, world-class research, and volume-based pricing helps you achieve excellent long-term results at a remarkably low cost.

Our team is experienced and ready to serve, based on your needs. Contact us today.