Nick Cebulko

Assistant Advisor

Who makes up your family? I come from a family of four boys, along with my mom and stepdad.

What do you enjoy most about your work? I enjoy getting the chance to collaborate with others and assist clients to work toward their financial goals. To be able to help clients understand the power of money and help them understand how the markets work is something that gives me a sense of gratitude. I strive for clients to trust that I will work in their best interests.

What expertise do you bring to clients? I obtained my business degree in Corporate Finance from Northwest Missouri State University. Along with great communication and problem-solving skills, I am also attentive to listening to client needs and aspirations.

What is your idea of serious freedom? My idea of serious freedom is being able to wake up in the morning and do what you want to do without having to worry about the constraints of your financials hanging over your head. Our job is to help make that goal a real possibility!


Let’s plan for some serious freedom.

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