Tamara Stelting

Chief Compliance Officer, Associate Advisor

Who makes up your family? My husband Damon, 3 sons in high school and one middle school daughter.

What is your title? Assistant Advisor
What do you enjoy most about your work? I like to problem solve and create. Listening to clients’ goals and ideas of financial freedom gives me a desire to help them succeed.   
What expertise do you bring to clients? As a dreamer and doer, I have a creative side to my work. When presented a need or desire, I enjoy being part of a team that creates a tailored solution that fits the client’s needs. I have a zeal for helping people whether in finance, health or emotionally. I have coached, managed or provided athletic training services to youth sports teams for over 25 years with the intent to educate and protect earnestly. I encourage people to make new decisions that become long-lasting habits with a tailored approach just for them.  I can see that no two people are alike.
What is your idea of serious freedom? Personal freedom is to be physically and financial prosperous so to enjoy my family as they grow older. I want to be able to work in overseas mission for those who are truly down cast. Serious freedom for my husband and I is to go visit family, explore new places and grow old together while having fun.


Let’s plan for some serious freedom.

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