Taylor Crouse

Director of Community Relations

Who makes up your family? Sons, Gabriel age 14 and Raphael age 12.

What do you enjoy most about your work? At Family Investment Center everyone knows their roles and do them so well resulting in a championship caliber team. My strengths are complimented by my colleagues and my weaknesses are overcome by their talent.

What expertise do you bring to clients?  Seventeen years in the financial and insurance sector working with clientele in St. Joseph and the surrounding Midland Empire.  My roots are in rural northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa.  My approach to servicing the region comes naturally.

What is your idea of serious freedom? Enjoying what you do to the extent that retirement isn’t even on the radar screen. Leveraging your talents to where you don’t have to stop working, but instead work smarter not harder.

Additional information about Talor is available on the SEC website at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov.


Let’s plan for some serious freedom.

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