Ask Us Anything: America's Trials

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In this Ask Us Anything webinar, Family Investment Center's Dan Danford and Richard Salmen answered viewers' questions regarding today's trials and tribulations that are faced by America and you as a consumer and investor.  

Preliminary Remarks/segments:

  • The value of the dollar and inflation today (0:56)
  • How inflation will be tamed (2:20)
  • Reasons why we have inflation (4:30)
  • Stock Market with today’s inflation (5:50)
  • How inflation plays out in politics (6:45)
  • Supply chain issues – nearshoring vs onshoring (9:20)
  • Ukraine War and the ramifications from the war, e.g., food insecurity (12:34)

Questions Asked by Viewers/segments:

  • What is being done to protect our portfolios? (15:05)
  • Has our five-year investment outlook or strategy shifted in the last six months? If so, how? (18:19)
  • How do you respond to inflation? – investments, gold, cryptocurrency (22:41)
  • (More commentary on what is contributing to inflation – US financing a huge part of the war) (30:35)
  • If the war in Ukraine continues to go on, how will that affect our portfolios? (31:27)
  • Can the Republicans win this fall, and if they can, can they do anything about our current situation? (37:10)
  • Supreme Court is facing challenges like never before. How does that matter? (39:20)
  • What do we have to do as a country? (41:20)
  • What are some alternative investments? (45:13)
  • With everything going on in the world, do you see any major changes in the tax code for 2022? (49:43)
  • I have heard that short-term private health insurance is (for retirement from age 62 to 65, before Medicare kicks in) approximately one-half the cost of Obamacare, for a fairly, healthy couple. True? (54:58)
  • Can the Chiefs win the Super Bowl again or can the Royals win the World Series again? (57:22)

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