Family Investment Center Launches New Website To Help Clients “Plan for Some Serious Freedom”

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From traveling cross-country with the top down to spending hours each week volunteering at the local animal shelter, everyone has an idea of personal freedom, especially when it comes to money and retirement.

Family Investment Center has recently launched a new website as a resource to help individuals get to their idea of freedom.

Dan Danford, Founder/CEO of Family Investment Center, explains that the new website is part of an overall brand focus to simplify individuals’ financial lives so they can truly reach the freedom they have in mind. “Money can be complicated for a lot of people. In many ways, it’s a path to their hopes and goals,” says Danford. “We take freedom very seriously at Family Investment Center, and we launched a new website to better serve our clients on their individual  journeys to serious freedom.”

The new website highlights a Total Financial Wellness Approach, built around three core elements designed to provide a jargon-free experience: Services are purposeful, research-based and commission-free. A commonly-asked questions area includes “What kind of people work with Family Investment Center?’ and “What does Family Investment Center expect of me?” The Thought Leadership section allows viewers to access several resources written by the Family Investment Center team, such as blog posts, media articles and the “Money is Freedom” podcast.

“Each person’s vision of freedom drives every decision we make,” says Danford. “By streamlining information about financial planning and investment management, we give clients the keys to serious freedom, on their terms.”



Let’s plan for some serious freedom.

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