Women Have Intentions, Says Study, But May Not Believe They’re Succeeding in Financial Planning

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Lincoln Financial Group shed some light recently on a topic regarding women and financial planning. The “Love and Responsibility Survey” shows that most women have good intentions, but seven in 10 say they’re not doing a good job planning for the family’s financial future.

So, what’s holding them back? According to the survey, these are the top roadblocks:


  • No time for financial planning
  • Not educated in the specific area of retirement planning
  • Having less money than is perceived to be a good amount to save for retirement

Compared to men, the survey found that women feel less educated about annuities and long-term care. There are many areas to take into account to get to a good place, financially, and this can be a significant roadblock for both men and women. The good news, however, is for both genders: Making the journey to financial freedom easier includes seeking the assistance of financial advisors who can help you set a personal plan for meeting your retirement goals and to make difficult issues easier to grasp.

Different Resources

The survey revealed that men and women have different opinions about where to get information for financial planning. Men prefer to talk to a financial professional whereas women list their number one resource as their spouse. Something men and women share is that they don’t want to discuss their finances with others, yet they are keen to be open with a financial advisor about their retirement and how to get there comfortably.

While most consumers realize they need to be good financial planners, a disconnect exists between actions and thoughts. By setting goals, it’s easier to view the various competing priorities that occur in our lives and make better decisions with our money. For those who don’t think they had money to set aside, setting goals and gaining more visibility into where the money is actually going can reveal areas needing improvement.

Education Assistance

Working with a financial planner is a go-to first step for meeting your financial goals.
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