What will Family Investment Center expect of me?

  • We expect you to be honest and forthcoming about your personal and professional goals, and about your current financial situation.
  • Financial planning is personal, so we will ask you to share with us data and issues that you may not share with anyone but your family.
  • Specifically, we expect you to share your personal financial data and financial history with us, and to deliver relevant documents upon request.
  • We believe that a terrific financial plan requires a commitment of time from you.
  • We believe that a team approach to financial planning is the most successful for our clients.
  • We expect you to keep us informed in a timely manner about important changes that will have a significant effect on your financial and personal life.
  • We always ask that you carefully review all communications and statements from Family Investment Center, Inc. immediately and promptly report any errors to us and/or ask for clarification about anything you do not understand.
  • We ask that you give us at least 24-hour notice for any cancellation or delay.
  • If at any time you find that we are speaking in terms you don’t understand, we ask that you make us aware of it and request clarification.
  • We ask that if you are reluctant to follow our advice, and/or if you don’t feel confident in our motives and advice, that you contact us immediately.
  • Because the key element in maximizing a financial plan is giving it a chance to work, you must be willing to allow it a reasonable amount of time to produce results. When an element of the plan needs to change, it is changed through the planning process.


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