Social Security Analysis

As a long-term payment stream from the government you've already purchased, your Social Security election deserves a second look. We want clients to both understand the importance of Social Security benefits and know they have options.

No one knows exactly how long they will live, so the best approach is to look at several scenarios before deciding. Our team uses specialized software to guide individuals and couples through their different options. Using the program to generate various scenarios, our clients are able to make more informed decisions. Some couples can see a difference between potentially drawing $500,000 versus drawing $650,000 in total benefits over their lifetimes.

The rules for Social Security maximization can be very complex, even though it's fully insured by the government. Let the professional advice we offer help you make the most of your benefit return. Knowing all your legitimate Social Security benefit choices and how they apply to you means more freedom, more money, and more peace of mind. 


Let’s plan for some serious freedom.

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