Richard C. Salmen, CFP®, CFA®, EA

President, Advisor

Who makes up your family? My son, RJ Salmen, and my daughter, Alexa Salmen. We spend time with extended family at our vacation home on the Missouri River in north east Nebraska.

What is your title? I am President of Family Investment Center and head of financial planning for our firm.

What do you enjoy most about your work? The ability to “help money make sense” for our clients. Most people move through their financial life dealing with money issues one crisis at a time. By bringing systems and processes to our clients, we become part of a proactive solution to what had been a reactive money life. Essentially, we provide our clients with confidence today and a more secure tomorrow.

What expertise do you bring to clients? As an experienced fee-only financial planner and servant leader, I guide a team that helps hundreds of families across the United States fulfill their dream of reaching financial independence. Our focus on middle and upper-middle class clients allows us to provide holistic, fiduciary advice on a fee-only basis to those who previously did not realize such a service existed.

What is your idea of serious freedom? Personal freedom for me is about having choices. We define financial independence as: The amount of money you need to feel confident that you can pay your bills, live the lifestyle you want, achieve your goals, and not run out of money before you die. For me that means loving my life, family, co-workers and clients while enjoying the journey.

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