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Did you know the word “wellness,” while having been coined in the 1600s, didn’t really appear in the American lexicon until the late 1970s? It defines a lot more than physical wellbeing. Today, wellness lends itself to a number of meanings, including financial wellness, which is about everything from income to credit scores to the stress we incur due to finances. With the right financial planning strategy, you can strengthen your financial wellness.

Approaching a Sensible Plan

Financial planning involves taking a deep look at money in versus money out and establishing vehicles through which the money saved can work for itself. Just because someone is living below or within their means doesn’t mean they’re living a boring life. You can carefully plan vacations
but do so with your financial plan in mind. You can drive an automobile that has caught your eye for a while but do so with one that fits within the goals you have established financially.

Financial planning involves estimating expenses and getting down to the granular level to see where money is being spent. This means you can tell the rest of the money where you want it to land (such as retirement, vacations or big purchases). You can look into a previous year’s expenditures and make a better estimate on what you can spend per month on each segment, which would include such things as groceries, healthcare, clothing, utilities, car payments, entertainment, birthdays – anything that can help you track that will help maintain a budget with full visibility.

Meeting Goals

Coming up with goals is an integral part of getting into a wellness zone that you can be comfortable with. Many people put a lot of emphasis on the retirement goal. They determine how they will live comfortably in retirement and how much that will cost.

With a goal like that in mind, you will know how much you can spend now and how much you need to save to meet that goal. Setting a plan for meeting those goals and how you want to live your best life will help you on your journey to financial wellness.


There are many methods through which you can make your money work for you and working with an investment advisor is a good start on getting money in the right place.
At Family Investment Center, we work as fiduciaries to ensure our clients get on the right path to their personalized freedom tour. Working together, we will help guide you in the right direction, so you can meet your goals. Contact us and let’s talk about your financial wellness.


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