Ask Us Anything: America's Trials

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In Episode 4 of Ask Us Anything, Family Investment Center's Dan Danford and Richard Salmen answered viewers' questions regarding today's trials and tribulations that are faced by America and you as a consumer and investor.

Ask Us Anything: Cybersecurity

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In Episode 3 of Ask Us Anything, Family Investment Center's CEO Dan Danford and President Richard Salmen chat with Senior Technology Consultants Erin Donham and Paul Ewing from Charles Schwab to answer your cybersecurity questions
First-rate technology brings us full circle. By using the latest planning software, we can focus on what people really need from an advisor. Family Investment Center was built on genuine facts about finances and investing. Business is a journey, and it changes every day. I still enjoy much of what I do and have plans to keep engaged for another decade.
Why aren’t all smart people rich? Being smart isn’t a big bonus for investing. If you are blessed with extra smarts, you probably rely on them for everything. You can find the fastest route to the office in the morning or estimate in your head how long the trip to grandma’s will take. You may organize things well or fix the office printer better than anyone else. Being smart carries over into many areas; thinking that investing is one of them could lead you astray.
​​​​​​​We posed a few investment questions to Dan Danford and Richard Salmen of Family Investment Center. Both men have decades of investment experience and both hold Master of Business Administration degrees. Both are CFP® professionals, and Salmen is a Chartered Financial Analyst®. Salmen is President of Family Investment Center and Danford is Founder/CEO.

It’s a conundrum that many families face: “How can I take care of my children and my parents, financially, while effectively investing for my retirement?” If you are in this situation, you know that your financial planning strategy may need adjustments during this stage, but with the right plan you...

Most parents plan on paying for their children’s expenses up to age 18, and many also make a plan for helping with college expenses. However, according to a survey by, parents are now going beyond college and helping with expenses of their adult children, which is putting some parents’...


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